Focus on the Corporation


The multinational corporation is the most powerful institution of our time, dominating not only global economics, but politics and culture as well. The enormous influence of the corporation notwithstanding, the mechanisms of corporate control and the details of corporate abuses remain largely hidden from public perception.
The purpose of the column "Focus on the Corporation" is be to rectify this informational shortcoming, to report and comment critically on corporate actions and plans, from particularized abuses to broad trends. Written with a sharp edge and occasional irreverency, the Mokhiber-Weissman column covers:

  • The double standards which excuse corporations for behavior (e.g., causing injury, accepting welfare) widely considered criminal or shameful when done by individuals;

  • Globalization and corporate power;

  • Trends in corporate economic blackmail, political influence and workplace organization;

  • Industry-wide efforts to escape regulation, silence critics, employ new technologies or consolidate business among a few companies;

  • Specific, extreme examples of corporate abuses: destruction of communities, trampling of democracy, poisoning of air and water;

  • Particular issues, such as tort reform, of across-the-board interest to business; and

  • The corporatization of our culture.

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman are uniquely well positioned to author such a column. Mokhiber, one of the nation's leading authorities on corporate crime, is the editor of the Corporate Crime Reporter, a legal weekly, and the author of Corporate Crime and Violence: Big Business Power and the Abuse of the Public Trust. Weissman is the editor of Multinational Monitor, the leading source of critical reporting on corporate power. Mokhiber and Weissman have published articles on corporate power in numerous newspapers, magazines, journals and books.