The Multinational Monitor
May 1981 - Volume 2 - Number 5
Business & Revolution in Latin America 



Guatemala: Peasants Lose Out in Scramble for Oil Wealth
- by Nancy Peckenham

Guatemala: The Region's Blue Chip Investment, Thanks to a Special Relationship Between the Ruling Elite and Multinationals
- by Allan Nairn

El Salvador: The Army Is Taking Over From the Oligarchy - To the Discomfort of the Multinationals
- an interview with Leonel Gomez

Costa Rica: Economy Shaky Despite Nation's Democratic Form
- by Doug Tweedale

Nicaragua: U.S. Company has Poisoned Workers, and Lake Managua
- by J.D. Cuadrado

Nicaragua: U.S. Company Has Poisoned Workers, and Lake Managua
- by Annie Street

Panama: The Guaymi Indians Make Their Stand Against Mining, Oil and Construction Companies
- by Chris Gjording

Honduras: Banana Companies Are Still Dominant

Global Newswatch

Dow Pays Dioxin Victims

Amoco Indians Allege Royalty Evasion

Monsanto Employees Sue for $1.7 Million

Brazil: Ludwig's Project Flops

Mexico Lambasts Junk Food Ads

Trinidad Makes It Easy for Oil Corporations

Philippines: One Step Closer to Nuclear Power

Consumers' Right to Know: Reagan Agencies Cancel Watch on Oil and Drug Companies

South Africa: Ban Loans, Say U.S. Black Leaders

Arms Manufacturers: U.S. Embassies Push Sales

Coca-Cola Opens Bottling Plant in China

Oil Companies Windfall Tax a Breeze

Nigeria: U.S. Court Sets Precedent on International Contracts


Know What's Behind the Logo
- United Brands

Book Reviews
- Foreign Commerce Handbook
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