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T H E   C A S E   A G A I N S T   D E P O - P R O V E R A



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Government reports

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The following are available from Government Dockets, Food and Drug Administration, Parklawn Bldg., 5600 Fischer's Lane, Rockville, Md.

  • FDA Audit of IND #9693 at Grady Hospital, Form FD481(E)-CG/78, 1978
  • "Report of the Public Board of Inquiry of Depo--Provera," by Judith Weisz, Paul Stolley, Griff Ross
  • "Transcript of Proceedings," Obstetrics and Gynecology Advisory Committee. G-564.


Health Alternatives for Women
c/o Christine Bird
P.O. Box 884
Peterborough Center
New Zealand

Women's Center
307 Yasmece Apt.
Vakola, Santacruz (E)
400 055

Health Actional International
Regional Office for Asia and Pacific,
IOCU P.O. Box 1045

Women's Reproductive Rights Information Center
52-54 Featherstone Street
London EC 1

International Contraceptive, Abortion and Sterilization Campaign (ICASC)
Post Bus 4098 1009 AB
The Netherlands
52-54 Featherstone Street
London EC 1

Anti-Depo Campaign
62 Regent St.
Chippendale 2008 Australia

Voluntary Group for Consumers in Thailand
495/44 Soi Yu-Oomsin
Charunsanitvong Rd.
40 Bangkok 10700

Kenya Woman
Box 43741

Quebec Public Interest Research Group
2070 Mackay St. Rm. 399

ISIS Santiago
Casilla 2067
Correo Central
Santiago, Chile

Organizations/ United States

Boston Women's Health Book Collective
465 Mt. Auburn
Watertown. Massachusetts 02172

National Women's Health Network
224 Seventh St. SE
Washington D.C. 20003
(Maintains a Depo--Provera registry; encourages women who have taken the drug to write in.)

Black Women's Health Project
Martin Luther King Community Center
450 Auburn Ave. NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30312

Health Research Group
200 P Street N. W.
Washington D.C. 20036

Video film

The Ultimate Test Animal, produced by Karen Branan and Bill Turnley 45 minutes, color, 1985 Available on videocassette (3/4", VHS, Beta) rental: $60; purchase: $125 Takes the viewer inside government hearings, doctors' offices and women's homes to reveal the dramatic and troubling story of attempts to get FDA approval of DepoProvera. The documentary raises questions about population control versus birth control; racism and sexism in health care. Ultimately, it is about how the corporate and political goals of drug advocates-especially in the field of contraceptionsometimes override and distort the requirements of science.
Available from:
Karen Branan and Bill Turnlev
3231 14th Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407

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