The Multinational Monitor
February 1987 · VOLUME 8 · NUMBER 2
The Corporate Assault on Solidarity 

C O N T E N T S 


Made in Mexico: Reagan Administration Encourages U.S.
Business to Move Jobs South of the Border

  -- by Michael Moore

Trading In Workers' rights
  -- by Nicholas Targ

The Politics of Labor: A Third Party In the Making
  -- by Tony Mazzocchi and Les Leopold

Balaguer: Trying to Keep the Island Afloat
  -- by William Stief

Terms of Insovency: Banking on a Bailout
  -- by Samantha Sparks


Paying Dues for Half a Century
  -- An interview with Victor Reuter


Cycles of Labor History
  -- A review of American Workers, American Unions


Keeping the Profit in Apartied

Putting Pressure on Pretoria