The Multinational Monitor

November 1990 - VOLUME 11 - NUMBER 11


To the editor:

Just for a minute, imagine what would happen with our basic supply and demand theories if Iraq and Kuwait were allowed to come into the world market with their oil tomorrow. It doesn't take a mental giant to figure out that the oil companies in the United States and all over the world would be hurt financially due to the fact that prices would fall. And we all know that George Bush is a puppet of the oil barons. So my big question is, "Why hasn't the average American figured out that this Middle East Crisis is just a giant oil scam?"

George forgot to tell those young boys stationed in the Gulf that some of the weapons that Iraq may use to kill them were bought for Iraq with U.S. dollars. It was only a short time ago that Iraq was on our team because they were against Iran. We were supporting Iraq because we were also against Iran. Who made us the policemen of the Arab world? I know the Arabs really don't want us there.

George should tell America and the rest of the world that it takes a stronger man to lay down his weapon than to pick it up. Then it is time for the negotiating table, and George should not forget how we supported Israel's takeover of the Palestinians.

So, please, before it is too late, write or call your Congressional representatives and demand a peaceful solution in the Middle East. It is time we grew up as a nation and quit being too proud of having the biggest and fastest way to kill other human beings!

Bill Allard
St. Charles, Illinois

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