May 2001 - VOLUME 22 - NUMBER 5


The Bush Years Begin


The Bush Years Begin
Cover: Environmentalists protest in front of the White House just before Earth Day
(c) Greenpeace/Lombardi

Bush’s Corporate Cabinet

Ann Veneman,
Secretary of Agriculture
Colin Powell, Secretary of State Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor
Paul H. O’Neill,
Treasury Secretary
Donald Evans,
Secretary of Commerce
Rod Paige,
Secretary of Education

Others In the Bush League

All cabinet profiles compiled by Charlie Cray from White House press releases, news reports and financial disclosure forms filed with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics.



Rollback: The Corporate Regulatory Feeding Frenzy

The Repetitive Motion Un-Rule
Deborah Weinstock

Arsenic and Old Regs
Lynn Thorp

The Roadless Tramelled
Ned Daly

Bankrupt Policies
Jake Lewis

Bush’s Hot Air
Phil Radford

Mining Their Own Business
Charlie Cray

Defending Contractor Irresponsibility
Robert Weissman

A Regulatory Accident in the Making
Charlie Cray

Cheney and Halliburton: Go Where the Oil Is
Kenny Bruno and Jim Vallette
Also: The Welfare King


Behind the Lines

Challenging the Oiligarchy
The Front
Medical Privacy, For Now

The Lawrence Summers Memorial Award

The Politics and Law of Worker Rights An
Interview with William Gould

Names in the News