May 2002 - VOLUME 23 - NUMBER 5


After the Wall: Central and Eastern Europe Confront Corporate Globalization

Cover: The Berlin wall. (c) Topham/The Image Works


East Meets West: European Union Expansion and the Troubled Former Communist Countries
--Tony Wesolowsky

Chernobyl Fallout: The Uncertain Future of Ukraine’s K2/R4 Nuclear Project
--Olexi Pasyuk

Pipeline Dreams: The World Bank, Oil Development and Environmental Protection in Georgia
--Manana Kochladze

Bank Accountability Redux: The Campaign for Compliance and Appeal Mechanisms at the European Development Banks
--Petr Hlobil

Fate of the Forests: Will the World Bank Replicate Amazonian Failures in Central and Eastern Europe?
-- Jozsef Feiler


Behind the Lines


Restraints for the World Bank and IMF

The Front
Shredded: Justice for BAT
Enron Associates

The Lawrence Summers Memorial Award

Countering the New Masters: Central and Eastern European Workers Struggle to Hold Their Ground in Hard Economic Times
An Interview with Jasna Petrovic

Names In The News