July-August 2003 - VOLUME 24 - NUMBER 7 & 8


Grotesque Inequalities

Cover: A displaced boy in Muacanhica, Moxico province, Angola, gets a cup of porridge to drink at a feeding station for children.
©Paul Jeffrey/ACT-CWS


Grotesque Inequality: Corporate Globalization and the Global Gap Between Rich and Poor
--By Robert Weissman

Left Behind: Domestic Inequalities and the Fate of the Poor
-- By the United Nations Development Program


Behind the Lines


Patents, Profits, Power and Poverty

The Front
For Wealth, Not Health
A Light Homicide Charge

The Lawrence Summers Memorial Award


Inequality in the World Economy — By the Numbers
An Interview with Branko Milanovic

Losing the Farm: How Corporate Globalization Pushes Millions Off the Land and Into Desperation

An Interview with Anuradha Mittal

Guest Essay

The Hogs of Rosebud
-- By Winona LaDuke

Book Notes

Names In The News