May 2003 - VOLUME 24 - NUMBER 5


Wealth and Income Inequality in the USA

Cover: Upper left: Microsoft’s Bill gates, ©WirePix via FPS; upper right: Workers unloading food for the hungry at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, ©PRNewsFoto; bottom: ACORN Members from across the United States rally in Washington, D.C. against the Bush administration's tax cut plan, march 2003, ©Catherine May.


Overview: Inequality and Corporate Power

The Wealth Divide: The Growing Gap in the United States Between the Rich and the Rest
An Interview with Edward Wolff

The Hierarchy: Income Inequality in the United States
An Interview with Jared Bernstein

Declining Unionization, Rising Inequality
An Interview with Kate Bronfenbrenner

Closing the Gap Amidst Ongoing Discrimination: Women and Economic Disparities
An Interview with Heidi Hartmann

A Taxing Problem: Diminishing Progressivity in the U.S. Tax System An Interview with Robert McIntyre


Behind the Lines


Licensed to Kill, Inc.

The Front
Bayer’s Record Fraud

On the Debate Over Whether the War in Iraq Was Motivated by An Imperialistic Ideology or The Interests of Big Oil

The Lawrence Summers Memorial Award

Names In The News