April 2004 - VOLUME 25 - NUMBERS 4


Cronyism, Corruption and Calamity in Iraq

Cover: (c) Kirk Anderson


Competition or Massacre? Central American Farmers’ Dismal Prospects Under CAFTA
-- By Tom Ricker

Dying for Drugs: How CAFTA Will Undermine Access to Essential Medicines
-- By Robert Weissman

Sidebar:Generic Pesticides and CAFTA’s Other Assault on Small Farmers An Interview with Román Macaya

DeLay, Inc. On the Brink: Prosecutors Probe the Legality of Tom DeLay’s Texas Republican Majority
-- By Andrew Wheat

The Political Economy of Wild Rice: Indigenous Heritage and University Research
-- By Winona LaDuke


Behind the Lines


Leave Central America Alone

The Front
Plea in Boeing Scandal
Sri Lanka Labor Struggle

The Lawrence Summers Memorial Award


An Invitation to Disaster: Corporate Power and Central America’s Environmental Future Under CAFTA
An Interview with Ricardo Navarro

Names In The News