March 2004 - VOLUME 25 - NUMBERS 3


Cronyism, Corruption and Calamity in Iraq

Cover: a man sweeps standing sewage in a street of Baghdad, Iraq. (c) Douglas Engle


Saddam’s Debt: The Emerging Conflict Over How to Deal with Saddam’s Devastating Economic Legacy
-- By Justin Alexander

Hijacking Iraq’s Skies: The Secret Plans to Privatize Iraqi Airway
-- By Svetlana Tsalik, Isam al Khafaji and Julie McCarthy

“Don’t Worry About Price:” Whistleblowers Sound the Alarm on Halliburton in Iraq
-- By Representatives Henry Waxman and John Dingell


Behind the Lines


Outsourcing Common Sense

The Front
Justice on the Range
Pakistan’s Oil Spill Disaster

The Lawrence Summers Memorial Award


The Aftermath: Iraq’s Perilous Future Under U.S. Control
An Interview with Medea Benjamin

The Privatized Military: The Unmonitored, Unregulated and Unchecked Global Growth of Private Military Firms
An Interview with Peter W. Singer

Names In The News