MM Commentary

"Drip, Drip, Drip: Eroding the Barriers to Corporate Crime" (1/24/02)

"Unaccountable Accounting" (1/25/02)

"When In Doubt, Shred It" (1/11/02)

Russell Mokhiber:
"Ari and I" (archives of White House Press Briefings)

Charlie Cray:
Who Killed the SEC's "Double-Dipping" Rule? : The Senate's Own Double-Dippers



Steve Cobble and John Moyers (
Atop Mount Gallup: It's all Downhill for Bush

Congress Needs to Act to Prevent Future Enrons

Kevin Danaher:
Ten Things We Can Do About the Enron Debacle

Jim Hightower

Michael Moore

CorpWatch Enron Library

Jim Ridgeway
"The Myth of the 401(k): Enron's Phantom Stock" (2/6/02)

SEC's Pitt: Conflict of Interest (1/16/02)

Phil Gramm's Enron Favor (1/16/02)

William Greider
Crime in the Suites (The Nation, 2/4/02)

David Corn
Enron is Only the Tip of the Iceberg (1/21/02)

Theresa Amato
"Enronomics at a Glance" (1/21/02)

John Nichols
"Enron? Nader is Glad You Asked" (The Nation, 1/25/02)

Matthew Rothschild
"Bush's Enron cuff Links" (The Progressive, 1/23/02)

James K. Galbraith
Enron May Spark Revolt of Professionals (1/25/02)

Mark Floegel (1/24/02; 2/7/02)

Pratap Chatterjee
"Meet Enron, Bush's Biggest Contributor" (Progressive 9/00)

Jeff St. Clair
Linday Lay: "Tears of a Clown" (from Hill and Knowlton's script) (1/30/02)

Dean Baker
"Lying on Top" (1/22/02)
"Who Should Recuse?" (op-ad)


Other Commentary

Media Whores Online Enron Annals

Kavaljit Singh: The Rise and Fall of a Global Corporation

Independent Press Association Forum on Enron

Robert Borosage: White Must Go (the Nation)

John Dean ( "Political Scandals Past and Present"

Enron: Seduction and Betrayal (review of Powers Report)
by Jeff Madrick, New York Review of Books

Rev. Jesse Jackson: "Enron's Human Face"

Gallup Poll:
How Americans Are Reacting to Enron

POCLAD: State Officials Should Seize Enron's Assets

Green Party: Members of Congress who took Enron cash should recuse themselves. (1/18/2002)

Monster Mess by Bethany McLean (Fortune, 2/4/02)

Journalists Took Money From Enron
by Richard Blow, (2/6/02)

Ten Things You Need to Know About Enron
by Michelle DeChiara, AlterNet (2/1/02)

Greg Palast
Enron: Not the Only Bad Apple (2/11/02)

A Guide to the Enron Collapse by Darren Puscas, Polaris Institute

The Enron Outrage by Thomas Frank (Salon, 12/13/01)

"Is Enron Overpriced" by Bethany McLean (Fortune, 3/5/01)
(One of the first warnings that something was awry.)

Business Week: Bracing for the Enron Backlash